Mikayla Kimel, Jewish Community High School, Courtyard in the Jewish Community High School

Some things that I noticed about my photograph that I didn’t notice before were the range of contrast within the photo. When I originally looked at the photo I didn’t enjoy the mish mash of contrast in different spots of the photo. I grew to like the contrast as well as the simplicity of the branches and few leaves. When I look at this photograph I just remember hiking up north by the Russian River with my family. We were on a path and I ended up wondering off and exploring on my own. This was just a few years ago, and is still fresh in my mind. When I was off wondering around I came across this beautiful tree that didn’t have much of anything on it. It was simple, just like me. I have been back many times and have always looked for that one tree. I haven’t been able to find it, which I think says something how we all can change, maybe not willingly or from season to season, but that we are just like trees or any other part of nature.